A Taste of the Wadden Sea

17 June 2019 - Published by Dorte Storper
Get a taste of the Wadden Sea when participating in the international Saline Futures Conference which takes place from 11-13 September 2019 in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

During the conference you have the possibility to visit a number of saline test fields either at Ökowerk Emden (DE), or on the islands Terschelling (NL) or Texel (NL). Next to explanations on the set-up of these test fields for salt-tolerant plants and the results so far, you will get a unique experience of tasting food products coming directly from these fields in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site Wadden Sea.

Emden, Terschelling or Texel?

If you are unsure about which excursion you would like to participate in, we have put together a short description of all three excursions below, so you know what to expect from them. The common denominator for the excursions is salt-tolerance, sustainability, food and culture of the Wadden Sea region.

Upon arrival, the Emden team will welcome the participants and give a short description of the Ökowerk. Followingly, a visit to the main greenhouse awaits where Ökowerk will give a presentation on halophytes and explain production techniques. Further, the participants will visit Ökowerk’s production unit of fertilizer and get a demonstration of different machinery. For lunch, Ökowerk’s restaurant partner Agilio will organize a saline lunch buffet with focus on halophytes and new products/recipes. After lunch, the participants will visit the open field labs and the greenhouse trials in the “Pomarium Frisiae” area.

This tour will start with the participants leaving Harlingen on board of one of the old Tjalk boats for a sunset cruise to Terschelling. Due to high-tide on Terschelling, the participants will sail towards de ‘Ode Dyk’, the old tidal harbor of east Terschelling, which is directly opposite of the piece of saline land of the foundation ‘De Zilte Smaak’. A captain’s dinner will be served on board and you can watch how the Tjalks will slowly fall dry whilst the sun is disappearing on the horizon. Participants will spend the night on board in simple but cozy 2-3 person cabins. The next morning, after a short introduction on deck of the work of De Zilte Smaak, you will visit the test fields and pick yourself gardens, followed by a culinary saline lunch at Flangs Kookstudio.

The participants will join this tour in two rounds, leaving Leeuwarden by bus to Den Helder harbor, where they take the ferry for a 20 minutes trio to the island of Texel. They will visit the extensive test fields of Saline Farming b.v. with all kinds of varieties of salt tolerant plants and vegetables and discuss saline agriculture with the farmer and the scientists working there. Furthermore, the visitors will get a guided tour along the greenhouse, the laboratory and the seaweed basins, where seaweed is cultivated as fertilizer. Of course, a lunch consisting of several saline delicacies will be served here as well, which includes potatoes, beetroot, ice plant, sea kale, sea lavender, salicornia and other local specialties. Depending on the time of your excursion, lunch will be served before or after your guided tour.

The excursions will take place on the last two days of the conference (12-13 September). Click here for more information about the conference or contact Kate Negacz @