A Muddy Affair

25 February 2019 - Published by Dorte Storper
Getting new knowledge on saline farming can sometimes be a muddy affair. For one day, a delegation of waterboard people and representatives from the SalFar partner organisations SPNA and the Province of Groningen switched their nice business outfits with tall rubber boots, safety vests and safety helmets.

The occasion for this change in outfit was a visit to the Double Dike project area in Groningen where they went to explore a huge open field lab for saline farming which is currently being prepared.

Double Dike is a pilot project that combines safety with nature, recreation and innovative agriculture by taking advantage of the opportunity to create cost-effective operational management of saline agriculture and aquaculture (read more about the project here).

During the visit the participants could see masses of mud and sand being transported with the purpose of strengthening the dike as well as creating a field. It will still take another year before the Double Dike open field lab will be set-up and field trials can start. Meanwhile the SalFar project has launched another piece of ground, where less work is needed to install the necessary equipment for saline farming methods. After some concluding discussions, we can start with field trials there this growing season.