Huge potential economic impact of Saline Flooding

02 October 2017

Martin Collison tells about the huge potential economic impact of Saline Flooding on Lincolnshire Agriculture and the Food Industry on SalFar kick-off meeting in Lincoln 25-27th September 2017.

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Kick-off meeting

02 October 2017

Kick-off meeting the 25-27th September at the University of Lincoln, UK

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Read more about SalFar

28 February 2018

We have created a leaflet with information about the SalFar project.


Click on the picture to read the pdf. 





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Partner Meeting on the Island of Texel, Netherlands

20 April 2018

Great steps have already been taken towards preserving the future of farming in saline areas. This was demonstrated during the second partner meeting of Salfar, which took place from 5 -7 March 2018

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Pupils are Experimenting with Mud from the River Ems

04 June 2018

6th graders help prepare test fields in cooperation with the Foundation Ökowerk Emden.

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Dinner is Served!

11 June 2018

Baked goat cheese with sea buckthorn jam, beef roulades stuffed with seaweed, "North Sea" fish pot with saltwort and cochlearia.

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Initiating the First Field Trials

18 June 2018

Exciting developments are taking place in the SalFar project as the first field trials have now been initiated.

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SalFar gets Political Attention

25 June 2018

At the Wadden Sea Conference in Leeuwarden, SalFar succeeded in getting political attention.

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Students are Researching Saline Agriculture

09 August 2018

Students from Wageningen University are researching the potential of saline agriculture on islands

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SalFar Cooperates with TopSoil

22 August 2018

At the Flemish level, the projects SalFar and TopSoil have teamed up and all partners have agreed to jointly address the issue of water management in the Flemish coastal area.

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