SalFar partner meeting including an excursion to Sejerø to see test site

Venue: Kalundborg, Denmark
Date: 13-15 May 2019

The SalFar partners will meet up in Kalundborg, Denmark on 13-15 May 2019. On the first day the partners will go on an excursion to the small island Sejerø where there are only about 400 inhabitants. The purpose of visiting Sejerø is to see the first test site that has been established in Denmark in relation to the SalFar project. Here the partners will be informed about the background of the test site and how the facilities are planned to be used.

The remaining days of the partner meeting will be spent in Kalundborg, where the programme will be packed with workshops, presentations and discussions and where all project partners will have the opportunity to discuss the progress, activities and upcoming milestones within each work package.