Upcoming Internal Events

The RIGHT project's internal events are aimed to the detail planning of project activities, project follow-up, and idea generation. They also have a value in strengthening the project partnership throughout the project's life.

June 2nd - 3rd, 2021 - RIGHT Project's Steering Committee Meeting nr. 6 (Online)

The RIGHT project's sixth Steering Committee Meeting will take place in online. Originally it was planned to be hosted by Vordingborg Erhverv in Denmark, but the travel restrictions at the time do not allow for it.

September 28th, 2021 - Extraordinary Steering Committee Meeting (Online)

It was agreed for all partners to meet for an extraordinary Steering Committee meeting at the end of September to address the financial situation of the Project in order to accomodate the 6-months extension of the Project.

December 1st - 2nd, 2021 - Partner Meeting No. 7 (Denmark)

The last of the originally planned Partner Meetings will take place in Vordingborg the 1st and 2nd December, 2021. It will be hosted by Vordingborg Erhverv.

December 3rd, 2021- Steering Committee Meeting No. 7 (Denmark)

We will host our seventh Steering Committee Meeting the day after the Partner Meeting. 

April / May 2022  - Final Event (TBD)

RIGHT's final event is planned to take place during April or May 2022 in Bergen.