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RRI2SCALE is a H2020 SwaFS project that seeks to embed and consolidate Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) governance structures in selected pilot regions across Europe: Kriti (Greece), Galicia (Spain), Overijssel (Netherlands) and Vestland (Norway). The final purpose is institutional transformation in Research and Innovation in the fields of “smart cities – smart energy – smart transportation”. The project strives not only for sustainable, inclusive and ethical R&I policies, but it also links RRI with regional competitiveness. As such, RRI2SCALE assists the regional authorities of pilot sites to address the so-called “Regional Dilemma”: how to create democratic governance in R&I while at the same time fostering innovation levels at regional scale. To achieve this, RRI2SCALE attempts to map and understand the regions engaged, how RRI elements are currently incorporated in their ecosystems, and how much space for improvement exists. Moreover, the project deploys a dedicated stakeholder engagement strategy, with clear sequential steps, and leverages co-creation techniques to bring together a vast variety of R&I actors with ordinary citizens.

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