Pilot Setup Workshops (WP4) (Internal)

5 Jun. 2020, Groningen (NE) and 3-4 Sep, Glenrothes (Fife/Scotland)

These workshops are hosted by WP4 leader (Fife Council). The first one took place in Groningen and was conducted back to back with the Regions in Transition Conference. The second workshop (Work Package Leaders Workshop) took place in Glenrothes (Fife/Scotland) with a strong involvement of WP5 leader (IUC South). Together, the workshops hosted over 25 project participants including leaders for all WPs. The workshops are aimed to QA the initial pilot formats and establish details for the pilot's timeline and methodology. The pilot formats and documentation will be used by WP5 leaders for analysis and evaluation later on in the project . The final revised version of the format will be available on our Output Library under WP4 by the end of November 2020.