15 November 2019 - Published by Juan Manuel Santacruz
WP4 - Bridging the skills gaps with pilots. Pilot Methodology Strategy Outline and the Marine Training platform

The RIGHT project's WP4 leader team composed by Brian Odonnell (Fife Council / Scotland) and Marleen Roelofs (Ghent University / Belgium) on a support role, meet project manager Juan Manuel Santacruz (Hordaland county Council / Norway) to finalize the details on the Pilot Methodology and Strategy Outline and define the framework for the use of the Marine Training platform for supporting the implementation and running of the pilots.

The Pilot Methodology and Strategy Outline is a template document used by the project partners to describe and report on their pilot projects in a standardized manner. It has been developed through collaboration between project partners, their expertise and experience. The Marine Training platform provided by the University of Ghent is a web based tool which facilitates the processes for administrating the pilots (promotion, registration, training, etc). 

After an intensive day a few adjustments to the outline were made and a detailed framework for using the Marine Training platform were defined. The results will be soon rolled out to the partners by WP4 leader. The Marine Training platform will create a specific page for the RIGHT project where information, registration and other aspects for the pilots will be enabled.

The next morning the team visited the Cost Center Base (CCB) near Bergen, one of the offshore service bases in the region that house large, medium and small enterprise within the energy and blue sectors. One of these companies, which participated in the research process during WP3 - Mapping the Skills Gap is Hydraulic Production and Services AS, a hydraulics specialist SME providing services and products to both, the energy and the blue sectors.