Pilot Triple E

18 November 2020 - Published by Marleen Roelofs
As part of WP4 – Bridging the skills gap with pilots, RIGHT project partner Provincie Antwerpen (CVO Vitant) runs Triple E (Entrepreneurs - Education – Empowerment)

CVO Vitant is a centre for adult education governed by the province of Antwerp with teaching locations in Stabroek, Kapellen, Antwerp and Hoboken. It offers a wide range of courses with tailor-made programs, including a number of  “bottleneck professions”, jobs for which employers have difficulty finding sufficient suitable candidates and which are technical in nature. In these courses we pay attention to learning to learn, social skills, citizenship, health education and environmental awareness. 

CVO Vitant sees qualitative adult education as the key to increasing your chances of success in the labour market or in higher education. At CVO Vitant you can discover your own strengths and fully develop your talents.  

In the region of Antwerp and the port of Antwerp, there is a lack of technical skilled staff. In order to bridge the gap between education and labour market, we developed our pilot, Triple E (Entrepreneurs - Education – Empowerment). 

We focus on the bottleneck profession of electro mechanic (vocational training, level 3 – end secondary school). Our aim is to orient/reorient (unemployed) adults, youngsters, all willing and motivated to work in the sector by 

  • providing an adjusted curriculum, tailored to the learner (start with intake: needing basic skills, specializations, learning guidance, learning on the work floor, in need of qualification of secondary education, during daytime and/or in evenings); 

  • upscaling the people already working in the sector, if necessary offer them specializations; 

  • guiding youngsters who dropped out of secondary school; 

  • paying special attention/care to people of allochthonous origin; 

  • paying attention to technical skills, soft skills and work attitudes. 

The pilot started in September 2019 and will end in May 2021. 

We work together with companies, sectors (Agoria, Volta – sectors of electricity and mechanics), labour market regulators, secondary schools, etc. for promotion, curriculum adjustment, and apprenticeship. In order to create a safe simulation environment, we started building a miniplant on location. 

Courses and curriculum were developed, the first group of electro mechanics will graduate in July 2020. Our graduates are highly skilled and wanted on the labour market, which already resulted in job offers and promotions on the job! 

The curriculum, already evaluated, is adjusted in view of previous experiences and a new cycle of learners and courses started in September 2020. 




More information on the pilot can be found via https://marinetraining.eu/content/tripleE