Pilot: Strategic HR as a tool for transitioning to new markets

27 May 2020 - Published by Marleen Roelofs
As part of WP4 – Bridging the skills gap with pilots, RIGHT project partner Alver municipality will run the Pilot, Strategic HR as a tool for transitioning to new markets in the Nordhordland region, Norway.

Norway is a major energy nation in Europe based on a completely unique set of resources, such as hydropower, petroleum and new renewable energy sources like wind power and biomass. The oil and gas industry has been the most important driver of innovation and technology development in Norwegian society. These innovations are also being transferred on a large scale to other industries and business sectors.  

Vip 24 

This pilot study uses Vip 24, a tool used in individual career guidance as a strategic HR tool for companies in process of transitioning to new markets. Employees in the participating companies will take the Vip 24 test. Vip 24 stands for Values, Interests and Personal Preferences in a 24-hour perspective and gives you a self-reflection about “who I am, what I know and what I want”. 

By profiling all employees in an organization, the company gets a complete overview of the resources (skills) the organization already has and can work out HR strategies for developing the desired competence. Participating companies will receive counseling on how to interpret and use the data. The goal is that this will strengthen their position when entering new markets. 

Mongstad Industrial Park 

The target group for this pilot are companies in Alver municipality that are in the process of transitioning to new markets. The companies are all a part of the project “Greenspot Mongstad”a new strategic initiative to develop into a diversified green industrial park, based on current industries present at Mongstad Industrial Park (MIP), as well as CCS, renewable energy, aquaculture, and other ocean industries.  

MIP is located in the Nordhordland region north of Bergen, representing more than 100 businesses and around 3000 highly skilled employees, supporting about 30 oil and gas fields in the North Sea. MIP business partners are committed to investing in new sustainable technologies to meet future global energy demand and improve energy efficiencies in operations, based on the current know-how and technologies from Norway’s leading high-tech oil and gas industry.  

One of the most important resources for further success at MIP is the knowledge and skills of the employees. By linking this RIGHT pilot to the Greenspot Mongstad project we will manage to analyze a potential gap between knowledge and needs to meet the necessary skills for the future, and let the companies be able to fill this gap more precisely. 

The preparation of the pilot starts in spring 2020 and the pilot will run from fall 2020 until spring 2021. 

See pilot information on MarineTraining.eu for more information.