Pilot project Green Hydrogen Booster: regional impact measurement

27 August 2020 - Published by Marleen Roelofs
As part of WP4 – Bridging the skills gap with pilots, RIGHT project partner Hanzehogeschool Groningen runs the pilot Green Hydrogen Booster.

RIGHT Project Partners Hanzehogeschool Groningen and EnTranCe are developing a regional impact assessment tool for innovation hubs, as part of the Increasing Innovation Capacity through Policy. The pilot supports innovation hubs and innovation-oriented organizations to become sustainable, integrative and regionally inclusive. The prototype of the impact measurement tool has been developed on EnTranCe’s Green Hydrogen Booster. The next phase of development will be completed in January 2021.

Regional impact assessment

Currently, impact assessment tools are often only focused on social, economic and environment impacts. The EU 2030 Agenda focuses on sustainable local and regional developments. Innovation is key to green and sustainable regional growth. This tool will help innovation hubs and organizations to create adequate performance monitoring systems that evaluate and show relevant regional impact.


The assessment tool is a database of key impact denominators such as intra-organizational efforts, socio-cultural institutions, natural resources, regional attractiveness, industry and human capital aspects, innovation investments and networks, etc. An exciting feature of the tool is its multi-dimensional impact assessment of current KPIs, and potential improvements for better integrative and robust business strategies.

Future developments

RIGHT partners Hanze University and EnTranCe are working on the next prototype that will test and expand the features and usability of the tool. Ultimately, the regional impact tool will be a digital cloud database that generates regional and national benchmarks.


Alexandra Codreanu & Anu Manickam, August 2020

More information on the pilot can be found via hhttp://marinetraining.eu/content/pilot-green-hydrogen-booster