Pilot Port introduction game and Port Pro/Port Academy

02 July 2020 - Published by Kraftvaerk
As part of WP4 – Bridging the skills gap with pilots, RIGHT project partner Provincie Antwerpen (Havencentrum) runs the Pilot Port introduction game and Port Pro/Port Academy

Havencentrum is the Port Centre of Antwerp, that brings young people to the unknown and overwhelming world of the port of Antwerp. It takes them to places and companies they never come to and brings them into contact with people who work in the port. It inspires them with stories and challenges tailored to their needs and shows them the possibilities for the future in the Antwerp world port. By giving young people an experience of the port in real life, it builds a bridge between choice of study and employment. 

The pilot consists of the development and implementation of a Port introduction game, called Cardgo and thematic visits Port Pro/Port Academy. These activities started April 2019, are ongoing and will finish May 2021. 



This newly developed game, played by pupils and their teacher before the actual port visit, creates awareness of the function of the port in the daily lives of young people, by letting them discover the path of products they use in their daily lives, like sport shoes, cars, food and smart phones.  From raw materials to production over logistics to their living room 

Using the cards of this game, pupils build their own port. It is a simple, economic game that lets them feel how different sectors work together in a port. 

A third exercise is a job-association game that focuses on the jobs in the port, based on the other two exercises. Which jobs do the things that need to be done in the flows of the first exercise, or perform the actions in the second? Skill based they make a selection and get to know the jobs, in connection to the different sectors and companies.  

A website was created www.cardgo.be with teacher’s instructions on how to play the game and how to make use of the material in the lessons/curriculum. 

We are currently developing new video material to clarify game instructions for teachers and pupils. 

Port Pro/ Port Academy 

Port Pro/Port Academy is a new, thematic visit to port companies for 3rd grade classes (16-18 years old). Based on the choice of a theme (industry, global trading, logistics, STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) and depending on the fact if the pupils are aiming to continue their studies (Port Academy) or are planning to search for a job (Port Pro), they get a tailor made visit to one company. 

During this visit, they are guided by a young employee of the company (=edu-coach)The visit will focus on both the companies’ identity and future vision and the jobs in relation to the chosen theme. 

Second part of the visit will consist of a theme-related activity. All this to make young people acquainted with certain jobs and sectors, not by listening to a guide, but by their own experiences.  

Due to the Corona pandemic, there is a delay regarding the try-outs of the thematic visits in the companies and the training of the edu-coaches. This however will not affect the end date of May 2021. 

See pilot information on Marinetraining.eu for more information