Pilot: Port Chances

15 June 2020 - Published by Marleen Roelofs
As part of WP4 – Bridging the skills gap with pilots, RIGHT project partner Provincie Antwerpen (Havencentrum) runs the Pilot Port Chances

Havencentrum is the Port Centre of Antwerp, that brings young people to the unknown and overwhelming world of the port of Antwerp. It takes them to places and companies they never come to and brings them into contact with people who work in the port. It inspires them with stories and challenges tailored to their needs and shows them the possibilities for the future in the Antwerp world port. By giving young people an experience of the port in real life, it builds a bridge between choice of study and employment. 

The pilot consists of the development and implementation of competence game, called Port Chances. These activities started April 2019 and will end July 2020. 

We developed a game in which young people get to know their competences (including the 21st  century skills) and see if there is a match with job opportunities or study fields. This is played on the premises of the participating company. All competence games are linked to the activities that take place in the company. All competences are also linked to competence profiles of actual jobs active within that company.  

It is in fact a gamified mini assessment in which the youngsters have to fulfill 3 commands in line with the competences needed in the participating company. After the assessment game we reflect with the group on their competences, what kind of jobs or study fields are interesting for them.  

During the process of testing and try-outing, the focus shifted from the competences to linking the games with actual activities within the company. This mainly because these were better evaluated by the participants, but also because the scoring of the competences required much more work would have made Port Chances too expensive for schools. 

Currently, we have finished the testing and try-outing of the competence game in the participating companies. We will use the experiences and expertise we gained in the pilot concerning Cardgo and Port Pro/Port Academy. Due to Corona pandemic, we will not be able to perform every try out previously planned. This however will not affect the end date of July 2020.

See pilot information on Marinetraining.eu for more information.