Pilot: Mind the Gap

08 June 2020 - Published by Marleen Roelofs
As part of WP4 – Bridging the skills gap with pilots, RIGHT project partners Region Skåne and IUC Syd will run the Pilot Mind The Gap - Tool for strategic competence development.

Region Skåne and IUC Syd, an industrial development centre in Malmö, Sweden, work together on the Mind the Gap pilot project, the development of a tool that can help companies work more strategically with their skills supply. 

Together with a number of companies Region Skåne and IUC Syd develop workshop material that can increase the companies’ understanding of future business goals and need of specific skillsin order to more easily be able to upskill employees or recruit new skills.  

Transnational exchange

Our partners in the Province of Antwerp, Belgium, have decided to try out the workshop material and have now translated it into Dutch. They in turn have been in contact with a third partnerHanze University Groningen, Netherlands, that also expressed interest in the tool. 

Pilot progress

The methodology is built on physical meetings, even though one of the goals of the project was to digitalize the tool and make it available for more companies. The Corona pandemic, however, has forced us to start developing a digital version of Mind the Gap.  

Timeframe for pilot

The Pilot has been developed, tested and redeveloped during autumn 2019 and spring 2020. In August a digital version will be developed which will be tested during end of 2020 and beginning 2021After that it will be outrolled and accessible for partners outside the project. 

See pilot information on MarineTraining.eu for more information.