18 December 2019 - Published by Kraftvaerk
The Hordaland County Council hosted a dialogue meeting with the seafood and supplier industry about competence enhancing measures - RAS Technology (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems)
RIGHT project's partners Hordaland County Council and it's co-beneficiaries conducted their Pilot Announcement activities for RAS technology as planned in Austevoll (close to Bergen) on December 16th 2019. Internal and external stakeholders were present including lead beneficiary Hordaland County Council.
The external stakeholders included among others research institutes, the County's high school, salmon farming companies and suppliers to the fish farming industry in the region.
Through the presentation of the RIGHT project and the RAS pilot proposal, the discussion was about how a vocational education setup could be arranged in order for the seafood industry to have the opportunity to benefit from the offer. The industry was positive to to a module-based approach, so that the students could choose how to combine work and study without compromising production. The industry prefers the offer to be mainly online with some physical lectures. The industry will also like that the vocational school provides tasks that can be resolved practically at work as part of the programme. At the same time it is very important to underline that the industry stakeholders will be involved in the further development of the programme.
These stakeholders and many others will work closer together during 2020 to address the skills gap in the Hordaland region and find long term solutions that will keep the region competitive in the future.