An Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) co-funded project which aims to enhance regional innovation support capacity to increase long-term innovation levels and support smart specialisation strategies. To achieve this, RIGHT concentrates its efforts on developing the skills of the workforce relevant for SMEs in the participating regions within the energy and blue sectors.

The project's total budget is € 3.366.047, where 50% is funded by the project partners, 39% by the European Union, and 11% by the Norwegian government.

Current Project Status:

The RIGHT project will formally conclude it first activity phase (WP3 - Mapping the Skills Gap, Buliding a Knowledge Base) in September 2019, and is currently working with the detail planning of the next phase (WP4 - Bridging the Skills Gap with Pilots), which will be implemented from January 2020.

Find out more... or see our short videos below describing the RIGHT project in two different ways.


RIGHT explained through 5W1H (5 min)



RIGHT explained through a short video sketch (3:20 min)