The RIGHT project will investigate, test and offer solutions on how to develop dynamic educational planning and business support mechanisms, adapted to future challenges. The partnership is made up of regional partners from the North Sea Region and is complimented by knowledge partners with differing experience and competence. This makes a strong and interesting partnership. 

The project will address two transnational main challenges in the North Sea Region:

  1. Lack of knowledge about long-term growth potential in partner regions, and the need to ensure that innovation capacity is developed accordingly.
  2. Existing skills gaps as a barrier to innovation and growth in the blue, energy sectors and related fields. The main focus is on SME’s

The project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the regional economy and innovation support capacity by ensuring access to a strong and adaptable workforce with the necessary skills to support future growth. This will be done by increasing regional knowledge on future skills needs amongst SME’s and bridging existing skills gaps. 

Participating SME’s will have the opportunity to:

Provide input to the project concerning their future challenges, strategies, innovation potential, and skills profile (Work package 3 - identifying the gap).

  1. Benefit from participating in pilot training programs organized by the project for closing the skills gap (Work package 4 - closing the gap)
  2. Benefit form networking and exchanging ideas through international conferences with SME’s in other countries of the North Sea region.

Benefit from eventual policy measures recommended by the project to regional authorities in order to boost innovation capacity through skills development (Work package 5 – policy making).

The RIGHT project has a budget of just over € 3.3 million and is 50% co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the North Sea Region Programme.


The following video made by Growth Tribe describes the problem of a digital skills gap in the world, which is one of the main challenges that the RIGHT project attempts to adress. 

Here is a short video that describes the EU's Smart Specialisation Platform.