The Grain Republic – Back tot he Grain

by: Gert Noordhoff, Bouwe Ruiter and Nicole Herink, De Graanrepubliek

De Graanrepubliek – Terug naar de Korrel (The Grain Republic – Back tot he Grain

The Municipality of Groningen has helped the SME collective Graanrepubliek to connect with regional demand in general and with regional innovative food related SMEs in particular. These contacts materialized in collaborations on the growing and processing of old types and special grain varieties. During de development of the ongoing project the municipality hosts and facilitates events and publicity. 

The Graanrepubliek is set up by a group of small farmers who want to transform their production methods and grow old types and varieties of grain. The collective now also includes SMEs involved in the processing and retail of food products. The mission is to (re) introduce old cereals as a 3d crop in the Groningen landscape. To realize: 

- a tasty and healthy product
- a fertile and healthy soil
- a beautiful and elegant landscape 

The ambition of the Graanrepubliek is to grow 100 hectares of 3d grains within 5 years in the Northern and Eastern Netherlands with organic arable farmers, and with arable farmers who want to switch. 

In depth description
The Graanrepubliek is a collaboration between growers, producers and buyers. With a predilection for old grain varieties, but also for old Groninger varieties, such as the Mansholt's Dikkop and the Groningen Barley. The Graanrepubliek has several test fields to grow the old grains.

Based on these traditional varieties the Graanrepubliek develops new products. A good example is a special beer brewed by Bax Beer. This beer was developed through cooperation between the brewer and the Graanrepubliek
To introduce consumers to the possibilities of cooking with old grains they organize regular event like a the so called ‘Graandiners’ (Grain diners) and several tastings.
Other new products are developed with grains such as oatmeal milk (Havermelk).
This year de Graanrepubliek found a nice location in the Old Remise in Appingedam where they are working on the realisation of a brewery, a bakery, pasta making, a flakery, cider brewery and a shop with a tasting room.

Next steps
Working further on the purposes of expanding arable producers, innovate new local products. 

Contact information
De Graanrepubliek 
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Gert Noordhoff

Nicole Herink