BurgdorfLaden – local supply of food and services

by: Tessa Bornemann, Landkreis Wesermarsch

In the region of Wesermarsch we see the effect of urbanization and centralization as in many other rural areas of Germany. Due to this, villages not only lose inhabitants but also local services. As for example bakeries, slaughterhouses, butchers and grocery stores. 
In the municipality of Ovelgönne a committed foundation took up the problem and choose to see it as an opportunity for a reorganization of the local village supply. In 2017 the village center BurgdorfLaden opened. In addition to a grocery store with regional products several other services are offered to the inhabitants. 

BurgdorfLaden - an important part of the local infrastructure
In the municipality of Ovelgönne in the district of Wesermarsch, which counts around 5,300 inhabitants, there was a loss of local supply and services following the closure of the pharmacy, the drugstore, the supermarket, the butcher and the local bank branch. The committed foundation “Stiftung Lebensräume Ovelgönner Mühle” took up the problem. 

A development project, co-financed by the state of Lower Saxony, was initiated and in January 2017 the village center BurgdorfLaden was opened. In addition to a grocery store there is among other services a consulting room for banking, a pick-up and delivery service, cash withdrawal, a post office and a toto lottery point.

The foundation has also established a village meeting point, which have contributed to more socially inclusive working and living spaces for inhabitants with disabilities. Furthermore, the store is a place to learn children to buy food for themselves and to manage their money.

The heart of the village shop, however, is the supply of food to the population. And in order to further contribute to the local community the store sells products from the local farmers and food processors in addition to regular supermarket products. Products from the foundations other ongoing projects within social agriculture is also sold in the store. This allows different consumer preferences to be met and an assortment made available for daily needs. All offered products can also be bought in the form of gift baskets or as an addition to gift vouchers of the shop. The delivery of food is carried out by a specially arranged delivery service with the help of a handcart.

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