Milchhof Diers – direct marketing and delivery of milk products

by Luisa Jäger, Grünlandszentrum Niedersachsen/Bremen

The company Milchhof Diers decided 60 years ago to process a proportion of their milk in their own dairy, with the goal of becoming more independent of the big dairies. Hereby, the family Diers took the first step towards becoming independent also from the development in the global market and to seize opportunity to grow in a product segment with low margins.

A new marketing strategy
In order to get sales for their own products Milchhof Diers built new sales networks and developed its own marketing strategy. They decided to focus on public institutions such as kindergartens, schools and hospitals in Oldenburg. But also private households, cafés and restaurants. Their unique selling point – still today – is the favourable location of the farm located with only 4 km distance to the city centre of Oldenburg. Milchhof Diers makes use of the inevitable transparency of the farms operations which means that locals can see the grazing cows. In addition, Milchof Diers is a certified Pro Weideland-farm and thus fulfils criteria that ensure grazing of the cows. Moreover, Milchhof Diers takes part in the EU School Milk Programme, which aims to increase the appreciation of fruit, vegetables, milk and dairy products among children and supports the development of healthy eating habits.

The large customer network near the farm have resulted in a strong relation to their customers. Milk from Diers-Hof has not only been meeting strict quality standards, the milk and the processed products are produced in Oldenburg for Oldenburg. Their customers include over 100 kindergartens and schools, as well as local cafés and restaurants. The fact that they deliver fresh milk and various other milk products from their range to more than 2000 private households twice a week strengthens their close relationship with the customer. Worth to mention is that Milchhof Diers delivers to private households at a minimum order value of 1,25 € which equals a bottle of milk or two cups of yoghurt. The efficiency of the deliveries is ensured by the efficient supply network of Milchhof Diers. The tours are planned with shortest distances between the addresses. 
The success of their strategy is proven by the fact that the farm is currently managed in the 4th generation and the organisation employs about 40 people on the farm and in the dairy (including delivery).

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