Three cooperatives in East-Flanders

13 November 2018 - Published by Hein Braaksma
In the East of Flanders (Belgium), already three cooperatives are established: Mmm...eetjesland, Smaak van Waas and Vlapas, in which producers unite in a cooperative collaboration. Within these local initiatives between regional producers experiences are exchanged and their products are bundled, making local products more accessible to the consumer.

In the region ‘Meetjesland’, ‘Waasland’ and the Flemish Ardennes, producers of farm and food products work together on short-chain supply in the cooperatives Mmm...eetjesland, Vlapas and Smaak van Waas. These initiatives are supported by ‘Plattelandscentrum Meetjesland’, together with other Flemish partners such as Steunpunt Hoeveproducten, EROV, PCG vzw, Vormingplus Waas-en-Dender, and others.