The current impact of the corona crisis on the short food chain in Belgium

17 April 2020 - Published by Hein Braaksma
During the project meeting of the five different partners (countries) in Damme (Belgium) last November, the project partners were introduced to the concept of 'Local Market'. This is a weekly farmer's market with a bar and a children's corner. Because of the corona crisis it can’t continue as usual. That's why the organizers decided to focus on online sell. They have set up an online shop in a very short time.
How does it work?
Between Monday 18:00 and Thursday 20:00, there is a page online of the market you normally visit. There you now have the possibility to order your groceries online from the exhibitors of the market. Almost all the products you otherwise find on the market are collected on one website.
Once you have ordered the products, the farmers go at work. They harvest the products you have ordered, make butter and yoghurt, cut your meat,…
On Friday you can pick up your order at the location where the market normally takes place. All your groceries are collected together. You pay on the spot and are ready to go. In this way the local market tries to keep the whole organization going by continuing offering fresh products and supporting the local economy.
If you want to see it with your own eyes, you can visit the website