Snack bar of the Future winner of the Green Pepper Award

05 November 2018 - Published by Hein Braaksma
Snack bar of the Future (Snackbar van de toekomst) is this year's winner of the Green Pepper Award! On November 3d alderman Mattias Gijsbertsen from the municipality of Groningen awarded a prize for the most innovative short-chain food project.

The Green Pepper Award is an initiative of the Municipality of Groningen and is intended to support innovative food projects. This is the third time that the prize has been awarded. The Snack bar of the Future received a cheque of € 1,000 and will receive help and attention in the continuation of the initiative. 

Alderman for Sustainability Mattias Gijsbertsen during the award ceremony: "Food is an important theme in the city and touches on many other themes. For example, poverty policy, (youth) care or quality of life. It is important that attention is paid to the sustainable production and distribution of healthy food. Moreover, this also creates employment in the northern region and stimulates innovation."

The Snack Bar of the Future
Snacks are an increasingly important part of the daily diet in the Netherlands. The Snack bar of the Future is a platform where various parties come together to develop new snacks. Snacks that are not only delicious, but whose production, distribution and preparation leads to less waste and pollution.
The Snack bar of the Future organises events where interested parties can discover, experiment and learn together. This happens at festivals, schools and companies. Also digitally, interested parties can get acquainted with new products and expand their sustainable network.