Regional beef cooperative

13 November 2018 - Published by Hein Braaksma
The regional beef cooperative Natuurvlees Westerkwartier is a joint venture between various links in the meat chain: a.o. dairy farmers, cattle farmers, nature conservation organizations, meat processors and care institutions.

The calves, which are normally sold almost immediately, are now kept on the farm. After about three months they will be taken over by the cooperative and the animals will graze on nature land. There they graze wonderfully among the meadow birds.

In the winter they are kept in the stables and the animals are fed as much as possible with feed from the region, for example from arable farmers in the area. The cooperative aims to grow into sales to large kitchens in a growth model. By working on a relatively large scale, there is more guarantee of sales and with this scale we provide a transition model for the region as a whole.