Reframe presents in Greece

09 October 2017 - Published by Hein Braaksma
The Reframe experience inspires other regions in Europe

The Danish partnership in REFRAME has been invited to participate in a Conference of Entrepreneurship and Development in Chania in October 2017. Subjects to be presented by the Danish partner are i) the development of European/international appreciation of a “brand of origin”, Island Specialties® and ii) the new marketing and logistics solution, FoodMatrix, both developed in Danish food networks. Both subjects are also presented on the REFRAME project website. The invitation was the result of a presentation of the same two subjects at the annual general meeting in the European Society of Island Federation in 2016. This meeting took place at the European Economic and Social Committee building in Brussels. The activities of international presentations serve the purpose of building European awareness of the perspectives in terms of rural development of the re-invention of local infrastructures of food production.