Reframe partner meeting in County Wesermarsch

07 May 2019 - Published by Hein Braaksma
The district of Wesermarsch coordinates the German partners (Diakonisches Werk Oldenburg and Grünlandzentrum Niedersachsen/Bremen) and is the host of the conference, which will take place in the Wesermarsch district from 8-10 May 2019. Participants will be from the partner regions West Flanders/Belgium, Göteborg/Sweden, Esbjerg and Sejerö/Denmark, as well as the city of Groningen (lead partner) and Westerkwartier/Netherlands.

The theme of the conference is "Building sustainable regional marketing structures". The program includes specialized workshops, presentations and excursions to selected successful practical examples from the Wesermarsch including farm Butendiek, the Melkhus Cornelius, Café Mitmensch in Blexen and the Seefelder Mill. In addition, a short trip to the bathing beach Sehestedt in the area of ​​the national park Lower Saxony Wattenmeer is also planned. Hein Braaksma, the international project leader of REFRAME, highlights that Wesermarsch possesses many years of experience in relation to the overall theme "regional marketing structures" (i.a. with the ox weeks and the lamb weeks) and also has many interesting project examples and should report more about them. Through transnational exchange, all partners can learn from the best-practice examples and use the knowledge from the region. The cooperation between the Dutch partners from the Westerkwartier region and the Wesermarsch is to be further intensified in the future as the landscape and agricultural structures are comparable and because they have a quite similar approach to the project.