Reframe Fifth Report

01 July 2019 - Published by Hein Braaksma
A vibrant regional food economy, a good match between urban demand and regional supply, innovative SMEs and engaging urban consumers: those are the goals Reframe works. Reframe does that in parts of Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. And Reframe can do this through the support of the North Sea Region. Every six months Reframe reports to the North Sea Region on its progress. Last week Reframe submitted its fifth report.

The Interreg project Reframe is picking up speed, yielding its first results and inspires more and more stakeholders to participate in a Regional Food Frame. Thus Reframe has realized increasing cooperation between SMEs, large scale consumers, and intermediaries. SMEs benefit from this increased cooperation: it strengthens their innovation potential. In the next report, we also hope to see that it leads to an increase in turnover for participating SMEs. At the same time, the general public and the commons benefit from the Regional Food Frame as co-created by Reframe partners. A strong regional food economy is essential in safeguarding local, rural communities and valuable traditional landscapes. Also, a strong regional food economy is an important ingredient to healthy urban food consumption. Finally the connection between producer and consumer - the foundation of a Regional Food Frame - is also essential for producers, consumers and their communities to work towards less negative climate impact of food production. Thus Reframe is also an important building block for local communities and authorities to work on the UN sustainable development goals.

This period, Reframe has been able to disseminate more successes, best-practices and support measures for SMEs, large-scale consumers and authorities. Meanwhile, Reframe stimulates an ongoing public debate about regional food. The growing number of citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers, and policymakers involved in this debate is very promising. Also based on their concerns Reframe has applied for an extension of the Reframe project, in order to realize more of the potential of Regional Food Frames, with an added focus on sustainability and health.