Natural resource students focusing on sustainability

04 April 2018 - Published by Hein Braaksma
A theme day focusing on environmental sustainability is an annual tradition at natural resource schools Sötåsen and Uddetorp in Sweden. Environment and sustainability are important aspects in the education and during one day the students gather for a day filled with workshops focused onhow our daily habits affect the environment.

The students participated in workshops where they calculated their own environmental footprint, learned how a biogas-plant work or tested new techniques used in agriculture and gardening. They also got to track the origin of different groceries by investigating where they come from and how they were produced and then evaluate the sustainability of different groceries based on their origin.
"The purpose is to create an understanding of how to make environmentally sustainable choices. What choices do I make in my everyday-life and how do they affect the environment?" Says Britt-Marie Benjaminsson, teacher and project manager at Sötåsen.

The theme day is arranged by the projects REFRAMEand Natural resource schools at cutting edge. REFRAME contributed for example with locally-produced sandwiches and snacks to all the participating students.