Local producers on national tv in Belgium

20 January 2021 - Published by Luchiena Lanjouw
Due to the corona pandemic, the annual B2B Smaakmarkt in Belgium could not take place last September. Therefore the University of Applied Sciences VIVES offered the food producers who participated in this ‘Taste Market’ to produce a video. These videos were shown in the online taste market, but the producers could also use the videos for their own promotion later on.

VIVES also managed to broadcast a selection of the videos on PlattelandsTv in Belgium, a strong thematical channel in the region of Flanders with a coverage of more than 6 million viewers per month.
VIVES enables the producers to participate with extremely low costs. 31 producers are currently participating. Each company video is broadcasted 24 times on Rural TV.

A great advertisement for the company and its products!