Local producers introduce local Food Box

24 March 2020 - Published by Hein Braaksma
Corona is not only disastrous for the restaurant and catering industry, but also for the small-scale farmers who often supply mainly to these restaurant and caterers. In the Netherlands, Lokaal Kilo's Schuiven​ (one of the initiatives from REFRAME in Groningen), together with De Streekboer​ from Drachten, have come up with something: the Food Box.

"It's incredibly busy", says Sandra Ronde of De Streekboer. And that even though her new meal box can't even be officially ordered yet. "Some 200 boxes have already been reserved via pre-registration, partly because Rabobank​ has ordered 110 boxes for the De Voedselbank Stad Groningen​."
Bread, dairy, fruit, and two evening meals for three to four people, all directly from farmers in Groningen and Friesland: that's in the Food Box, which you can order at 45 euros in De Streekboer​'s webshop. She started De Streekboer in 2015 together with Janco Heida. "To make sure that food comes from farmer to plate in a better way."

Customers order their groceries online and pick them up from a pick-up point in Groningen or Friesland. Round already noticed that it was getting busier and busier over the past few weeks. "Especially in times of crisis, people want good, healthy, local food", she thinks.
At the same time, farmers have temporarily lost a large part of their market: the catering industry. "Last week the initiative #supportyourlocals started in Amsterdam, to support local producers and to set up short food chains", says Ronde. "That's what we want here too."

De Streekboer joined forces with Wilbert van de Kamp (Wilpret) and Ritzo ten Cate, who, under the name Lokaal Kilo's Schuiven in Groningen, strengthen trade contacts between local farmers and the catering industry. Help also comes from Rondes 'loyal' regular customers, who offer to help with home delivery. "Togetherness is very great."