Getting local food in the supermarkets

26 January 2021 - Published by Luchiena Lanjouw
As a response to the Corona-crisis, the major food stores in Sweden (Coop, ICA, Bergendahls, Axfood and Lidl) expressed their will to help the small local producers. This by creating more space for local food on the store shelves. Also by giving local food more publicity in the media.

Locally produced in West made an initiative to meet up to this. LPIV presented compiled offers from companies, that normally deliver to restaurants, to the grocery stores. The producers have also received help to register their products in the grocery stores order portals, and to get barcodes if needed. Also other advice how to adapt their offer to match the demand from the grocery stores.

One good example is the food chain Lidl that haven't had any organisation to work with small producers. Today six SMEs from the region are selling products to their new customer Lidl, with a turnover of more than 150 000 Euro for the period March-August 2020. In total about 50 companies have in some way developed their business to the grocery stores during the Corona crisis.

Help has also been given to restaurants that use local products, to be able to sell their food in grocery stores, as a complement to their normal sales. A pilot test in April with the restaurant Mattias Mat and the grocery store ICA Maxi Skövde resulted in sales worth 15 000 Euro, and had a positive effect on the local food producers in the area.

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