Island Specialties - a terroir in Danish

21 March 2017 - Published by Alfred Kazemier
EU-approved regional brand protections have never been widely used in Danish food production. For cultural and geographical reasons, it is difficult to apply a Southern European model for a durable terroir concept in Denmark with all its many islands and moraine landscape. Soil conditions change radically within very short distances and even on the smallest islands the climate can vary significantly between inland and coastal areas and with orientation of the latter between east and west.

The terroir concept Ø-Specialiteter® (Island Specialties) is seeking to promote a rediscovery of the diversity of natural conditions where food production can better accommodate the differences in these natural conditions and thus potentially promote greater sustainability in production. Ø-specialiteter® is not just a local brand, it is also a quality label developed with the aim of promoting diversification and sustainability in the food landscape. 2 It has been created in Denmark but aims to develop into an internationally recognized terroir concept.