Going Local-seminar

06 February 2017 - Published by Alfred Kazemier
On January 26th, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in the city of Groningen organized a seminar ‘Going Local’ for local procurement. During an enthusiastic lecture by Mr. Willem Foorthuis different worlds met. The audience – about 250 students, entrepreneurs and procurement officers – were invited to join the movement towards a more regional and sustainable food market.

More and more often we realize that procurement will be about creating value. Value can be defined in many ways. Public procurement generally is an important sector of the economy. Public organizations speak about ‘value for taxpayer’s money”. The Institute for Facility and Economics of the Hanze UAS is participating in the project Reframe and the Regional Cooperative of Westerkwartier.

By telling the story of the journey that a little pig covers throughout Europe before it ends up on someone’s plate, we gained insight in the added value during this tour and we all learned about hte development of market values. Producing agricultural products is an important business in the north of the Netherlands. By using the story to illustrate various points, we saw the chances for more added value for the region itself.

By procuring locally, the bigger organizations can support a regional system. And when all partners work together the opportunities for our region will grow.

So our call for action: Will you also join the journey by participating in cooperative arrangements in the upcoming procurements?

“Cooperating for the benefit of the region and the people living and working there.”

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