FOODMATRIX - concepts of a vision

15 May 2018 - Published by Hein Braaksma
FOODMATRIX is a combined distribution logistics, web-shop and marketing platform allowing at the same time: • the presentation of unique qualities and/or local identity of food commodities • distribution within 24 hours from a producer in any part of Denmark to customers and consumers in every part of Denmark • the development of co-operation (cohesion) within and among local food networks, as well as • economic sustainability of the services of local food networks Offering a direct link between producers and consumers, FOODMATRIX is a novel business model for food SME’s and a facilitator of consumer driven innovation in the food landscape. The concepts of the vision and their rationales are presented here.

The SME-driven food networks in Denmark were instrumental in developing the present market interest in ‘authenticity’, in locally produced food and in new qualities in food commodities. In 2014 a strategy for the ‘Taste of Denmark’ identified identity-based marketing and distribution logistics as primary objectives to be pursued by food networks2, and an interview-based study in 2016 among food SME’s of their challenges and opportunities confirmed that these objectives were still requested by food SME’s3. This study also revealed the opinion among food SME’s that the food networks in general failed to comply with these objectives.