Food box regional cooperative Westerkwartier

16 April 2021 - Published by Luchiena Lanjouw
The first Food Agreement initiative had now become a reality: the Food box regional cooperative Westerkwartier! The working group Food, Economy & Chains wanted to do something about the accessibility of local food. Their solution was this Food box.

A box filled with delicious products from the Westerkwartier region, or just a little bit outside if it, if it is not possible otherwise. In addition to increasing the accessibility, it is also an extra outlet for the varying range of suppliers.

In the Food Bank Westerkwartier, a local transport partner has been found who collects the items from the producers. They provide their refrigerated truck one morning a week.

The first editions of the box can be seen as a pilot. If it turns out to run well and is organisationally feasible, there are plans to professionalise it.