First jar of organic black mustard presented

04 April 2018 - Published by Hein Braaksma
On Wednesday 28 March 2018, the deputy Henk Staghouwer of the province of Groningen received the first jar of mustard from organic black mustard seed grown on Groningen soil. Two mustard manufacturers (Abraham's Mustard Makery and Marne Mosterd) and two farmers (Edens and Havenga/Landgoud) are working together on the project 'Proeftuin black mustard from Groningen soil' to reconcile the cultivation of Groningen mustard seed with the production of Groningen mustard.
The spring of 2017 saw the start of a trial to develop mustard from Groningen soil. The mustard seed was harvested in the autumn. Wendy Boonstra of Abraham's Mustard Makery: "The short line between the farmer and the mustard mill means that a great deal of attention is paid to the cultivation of the product, giving the mustard maker an excellent raw material for the mustard. The organic black mustard seed gives the mustard an intense spicy flavour.
The province of Groningen has a rich mustard history and is still a large mustard producer with two mustard factories. The local processing of mustard offers opportunities for the Groningen labour market. In addition, the yellow flowering crop is also very nice to see: a positive impulse for the landscape!