Additional funds granted to REFRAME

27 June 2019 - Published by Hein Braaksma
On 18 June the European project REFRAME was granted a 1-year extension and additional funding from the North Sea Region Programme. By recovering and setting up regional food chains REFRAME is taking steps towards creating better conditions for food related SMEs in rural areas.

The project is promoting a regional approach. This entails developing new skills for food related SMEs, fostering regional cooperation, supporting transnational learning and stimulating innovation. The aim is to heighten the awareness about regional food supply and demand as well as nudging local governments and large-scale consumers to buy food regionally.
“We are very excited about the extensions”, says Hein Braaksma, project coordinator of REFRAME. “During the implementation of REFRAME many beneficiaries have encountered challenges, but also new, relevant possibilities to effectively support sustainable and long-term innovation potential for food related SMEs in rural areas of the North Sea Region. With this extension and extra funding, we can now act on the relevant new possibilities that have become visible”, Hein adds.