A taste of farm life in a picnic basket

19 September 2018 - Published by Hein Braaksma
In the Belgian province of West Flanders, 22 farms offer visitors well-filled picnic baskets. The farm picnic offers holiday-makers a chance to vicariously enjoy the country life of today´s farmers.

Experience sells like hot cakes
Carefree pleasure during an outing in the country, that’s what a picnic lunch on the farm is all about. The delicious, pure farm and regional products taste even better in a unique, rural and authentic setting. 
Between May and the end of September, you can enjoy a delightful farm picnic at 22 West Flemish farms. In 2017, over 5000 tourists and holiday-makers found their way to these farms. The picnic is carefully composed of products from the farm, supplemented by other regional products from nearby farms. 
The pressures of everyday life slip away as you eat in leisure at the most beautiful spot on the farm. Most participating farms are located near the cycling network and walking paths, so you can perfectly combine the picnic with a cycling tour or hike ( or some other activity in the region.And you´ll most likely get a few glimpses of what life on a farm is like - or you can even arrange for a guided tour.

100% West-Flemish, strong network
The Province of West Flanders has countless outstanding farm and regional products. The 100% West-Flemish label gives recognition to honest, authentic and top-quality products from West Flanders. INAGRO, POM West-Vlaanderen and UNIZO West-Vlaanderen have joined forces to develop this network. In this way we are creating greater opportunities and economic strength for West-Flemish farms and regional producers. Around 230 producers have already become members.
The network provides support to members in developing the picnic offer. It leads discussions on topics such as pricing, food safety, taxation, marketing, and so on, and facilitates exchanges between suppliers, so that the producers can learn from one another.

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