100% West-Flemish, strong network

10 September 2018 - Published by Hein Braaksma
The Province of West Flanders has countless outstanding farm and regional products. The 100% West-Flemish label gives recognition to honest, authentic and top-quality products from West Flanders. INAGRO, POM West-Vlaanderen and UNIZO West-Vlaanderen have joined forces to develop this network. In this way they are creating greater opportunities and economic strength for West-Flemish farms and regional producers. Around 230 producers have already become members.

A professional recognition
At 100% West-Flemish, we make it a point of honour to get to know every producer who submits an application personally. As of the very first contact we want to offer professional support, and thus to immediately give the holder of the label a bit of a head start.

100% West-Flemish wishes above all to recognise those producers who are proud of their creations and products and who very consciously work in a traditional, high-quality, regional, local and sustainable manner.

During an on-site visit, we examine the conditions* and discuss the reason for joining, the general outlook and farming vision. We are constantly being surprised by the passion and craft of the candidates we encounter. Time and again we find the no-nonsense attitude and industrious work ethic that is so typical of West Flanders. Add to this local raw materials, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit and you get fantastic 100% West Flemish farm and regional products – all with a story to tell!

Professionalisation in collaboration with REFRAME 
At 100% West-Flemish, producers of farm and regional products can not only receive official recognition but also advice, training, promotion, assistance with the distribution of their product and more. In addition, 100% West-Flemish encourages and facilitates product innovation & internationalisation.

Closer cooperation with towns and cities, cooking schools, neighbourhood stores,… form part of our operation as well.

Under the 100% West-Flemish label, Inagro and its partners jointly promote West-Flemish farm and regional products. Furthermore, the members can also rely on advice and support in the professional development of the short sale chain. New common initiatives are organised, such as the successful farm picnic concept on 22 farms or the sales to professional kitchens. 

These initiatives are also supported by the Interreg NSR project REFRAME. Thanks to REFRAME, we highlight the economic development and professionalisation of our local sustainable products. 

* Conditions for qualifying as a Farm Producer at 100% West-Flemish:

  • Farmer in primary or secondary profession in West Flanders
    Sales according to the 5 criteria of the Short Chain:
    • Involvement
    • Limited number of links
    • Control 
    • Local character
    • Contact with agricultural practice
  • The point of sale offers primarily its own products (which may or may not be processed). To broaden the assortment, one attempts as much as possible to purchase directly from fellow farmers.
  • Solely B2B sales are allowed, provided that extra criteria are satisfied.

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