Programme to help SMEs strengthen their market communication

08 June 2021

A program was implemented during 2018/2019 to help food related small companies in West Sweden to strengthen their market communication and increase the visibility and attractiveness of their products…

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Food box regional cooperative Westerkwartier

16 April 2021

The first Food Agreement initiative had now become a reality: the Food box regional cooperative Westerkwartier! The working group Food, Economy & Chains wanted to do something about the accessibility…

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A Successful Final Conference

06 April 2021

The Final Conference of REFRAME was held on 25 March as a hybrid event filled with inspirational presentations, discussions, videos, and even live music.

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The harvest of five years working together and making impact

25 March 2021

For five years, thirteen committed partners from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden have been working together to create better conditions for food related SMEs, social enterprises …

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What motivates consumers to buy local food products and does this differ from country to country?

23 February 2021

A new comparative study among five European regions reveals that the concern for the local economy and the perceived quality of the product are the most important factors in relation to what motivates…

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‘Farming for the Food bank’: producing fresh vegetables for the Food Bank Groningen

16 February 2021

Due to the corona crisis, the project 'Farming for the Food Bank' gained momentum. Organic arable farmer Gert Noordhoff from Bellingwolde – in the East of Groningen - decided together with Jos Meijers…

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The Grain Republic: a new benchmark for collaboration in the short food supply chain

11 February 2021

The Oldambt, a region in the east of Groningen, is traditionally the area where many grains are grown. The sea clay of the Dollard bay provides the ultimate conditions for growing a variety of grains.…

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Reframe 8th Report

02 February 2021

REFRAME implemented several new local initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic and showed how food related SMEs, policy makers and other organisations can take actions to support the EU Farm to Fork s…

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Getting local food in the supermarkets

26 January 2021

As a response to the Corona-crisis, the major food stores in Sweden (Coop, ICA, Bergendahls, Axfood and Lidl) expressed their will to help the small local producers. This by creating more space for lo…

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Local producers on national tv in Belgium

20 January 2021

Due to the corona pandemic, the annual B2B Smaakmarkt in Belgium could not take place last September. Therefore the University of Applied Sciences VIVES offered the food producers who participated in …

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