SMEs bring on the taste of local

02 February 2022

On the North Sea Region Blog, an article was published about the legacy of REFRAME.

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Podcast This is Europe!

06 October 2021

The second season of the Interreg podcast 'This is Europe' has been launched two weeks ago. This week's episode will feature the REFRAME project.

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Evaluation REKO-ring Pilot in Groningen

19 August 2021

At the end of May, REFRAME was able to execute a pilot in Groningen, to investigate whether the concept of REKO-ring could work in Groningen (the Netherlands) as well as in Sweden.

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Influence of packaging on sales of local farm yoghurt in supermarkets

18 August 2021

In a 4-week testcase during April and May 2021, Inagro in cooperation with a dairy farm from Diksmuide, measured the influence of packaging on the sale of farm yoghurt in a local supermarket.

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Programme to help SMEs strengthen their market communication

08 June 2021

A program was implemented during 2018/2019 to help food related small companies in West Sweden to strengthen their market communication and increase the visibility and attractiveness of their products…

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Food box regional cooperative Westerkwartier

16 April 2021

The first Food Agreement initiative had now become a reality: the Food box regional cooperative Westerkwartier! The working group Food, Economy & Chains wanted to do something about the accessibilit…

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A Successful Final Conference

06 April 2021

The Final Conference of REFRAME was held on 25 March as a hybrid event filled with inspirational presentations, discussions, videos, and even live music.

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The harvest of five years working together and making impact

25 March 2021

For five years, thirteen committed partners from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden have been working together to create better conditions for food related SMEs, social enterprises …

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What motivates consumers to buy local food products and does this differ from country to country?

23 February 2021

A new comparative study among five European regions reveals that the concern for the local economy and the perceived quality of the product are the most important factors in relation to what motivates…

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‘Farming for the Food bank’: producing fresh vegetables for the Food Bank Groningen

16 February 2021

Due to the corona crisis, the project 'Farming for the Food Bank' gained momentum. Organic arable farmer Gert Noordhoff from Bellingwolde – in the East of Groningen - decided together with Jos Meijers…

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