Evaluation REKO-ring Pilot in Groningen

19 August 2021

At the end of May, REFRAME was able to execute a pilot in Groningen, to investigate whether the concept of REKO-ring could work in Groningen (the Netherlands) as well as in Sweden.

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Influence of packaging on sales of local farm yoghurt in supermarkets

18 August 2021

In a 4-week testcase during April and May 2021, Inagro in cooperation with a dairy farm from Diksmuide, measured the influence of packaging on the sale of farm yoghurt in a local supermarket.

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Programme to help SMEs strengthen their market communication

08 June 2021

A program was implemented during 2018/2019 to help food related small companies in West Sweden to strengthen their market communication and increase the visibility and attractiveness of their products…

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Food box regional cooperative Westerkwartier

16 April 2021

The first Food Agreement initiative had now become a reality: the Food box regional cooperative Westerkwartier! The working group Food, Economy & Chains wanted to do something about the accessibility…

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REFRAME exchange of knowledge with FOOD CORRIDORS

29 October 2020

On October 29th, project coördinator Roos Galjaard from lead partner Groningen presented the REFRAME project to the project , one of the networks operating within .

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Guide on nutritional and environmental education

21 October 2020

The district of Wesermarsch (Germany) has currently published a guide on the subject of "Nutritional and Environmental Education" for day-care centers and schools.

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More local products in governmental company restaurants

06 October 2020

The central and provincial governments in the Netherlands will offer more local and regional products in their company restaurants. That is what Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Foo…

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Virtual study trips on smart sensor technology in Europe

22 September 2020

S3FOOD, the European cooperation in digital innovation in agrifood, organizes several study trips in the coming weeks. Virtual, to inspiring companies and hotspots in the field of smart sensor technol…

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Concrete examples on how food-related SMEs, retail, policy makers and other organisations can take actions to support the Farm to Fork strategy

09 September 2020

Early this year, the European Commission adopted the new Farm to Fork Strategy with the goal of achieving a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system. But, how can food-related SMEs, reta…

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Toentje, a social entrepreneur producing fresh vegetables for the food bank

01 September 2020

Despite that most people find it a sympathetic idea to make our food system more local and sustainable, critics say local and sustainable food will only be feasible for the rich. The group of people h…

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