On April 19th and 20th 2016, the municipality of Groningen as the lead beneficiary of the REFRAME project, in the city of Groningen hosted the project’s kick-off event. Central aim of the REFRAME project is to build new regional food chains and thus to create new innovation potential for food related SMEs in rural areas of NSR.

Many Swedes prefer Swedish products in stores

10 July 2019

72 percent of the respondents deliberately choose Swedish in the grocery store. Which is an increase of six percentage points from the corresponding survey in 2014. Behind the survey conducted by Sifo…

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Reframe Fifth Report

01 July 2019

A vibrant regional food economy, a good match between urban demand and regional supply, innovative SMEs and engaging urban consumers: those are the goals Reframe works. Reframe does that in parts of B…

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Skålldals Lilla Ekomejeri – the advantages of diversifying your business

30 April 2019

In recent years, there has been considerable variation in the price of milk for Sweden's dairy farmers. Many dairy farmers have chosen to shut down their farms and milk production. Some of them, on th…

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'The REFRAME perspective': compliance with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

28 April 2019

n 2015 the United Nations agreed upon a global vision defining a set of 17 sustainability development goals. Development initiatives globally should be assessed in particular with the Paris Agreement …

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Iconic food production – branding of local communities

03 April 2019

Iconic food production is a production that in market perception is linked to a location. European Mediterranean countries have a very strong tradition for linking food production to branding of regio…

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B2B 'Market of taste' in Flanders

28 March 2019

On Monday the 18th of March, a B2B 'smaakmarkt' was organized in XPO Kortrijk, Belgium. Small, local producers out of north france, west and east flanders and wallonia were present. Local producers co…

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What to keep in mind when formulating a food policy

26 March 2019

REFRAME is about local food – about promoting local food in the different partner regions. REFRAME aims at creating better conditions for local producers to make profitable business on a regional mark…

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The Project Accelerator: a project and internship platform

12 March 2019

ProjektAcceleratoren can be regarded as a platform which takes steps towards creating better conditions for food related companies so that they can get new knowledge, inspiration and attract new empl…

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Natural resource schools as competence centers

06 March 2019

How can we create an open environment where different organizations can collaborate and develop new ideas? Where can students be enlightened about new research results and contribute to new methods a…

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Influencing behavioral change through effective communication strategies

01 March 2019

The REFRAME project aims at establishing regional cooperative arrangements between regional suppliers and large-scale consumers. At the moment, however, regionally produced food is only a small part o…

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