Learning Lab

Reframe prepares programmes and updates on the innovation potential for regional food related SMEs. In West Sweden Reframe arranged a theme day at a natural resource school in the region with focus on local food and short food chains. The main target group was students, but also the public was invited to take part in a lecture that was held. This Swedish example will be followed by other regions. Meanwhile Reframe prepares to share best practices and Smart Specialisation Strategies through our Online Reference Centre. Preparatory work has been done for setting up this Online Reference Centre.

Reframe Partners Agrovast, Lokalproducerat and Naturbrukforvaltningen:

"In West Sweden we have three facilities hosting three natural resource schools in the region at a secondary level and one at higher vocational education level. The schools also act as competence centres for natural resources and rural entrepreneurship and runs full scale organic dairy, meat productions and biogas plants. All together with high consciousness of sustainable environmental work. The centres also have a commission from the region to strengthen rural development by being a learning and test environment."