Welcome to the Online Resource Centre of REFRAME. Here you can find the best practices of our project so far.

REFRAME is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020 and involves five different countries in the North Sea Region (Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands).

By sharing knowledge and best practices we hope to achieve the five following project objectives:

  1. New skills for food related SME's and other stakeholders within a regional food frame 
    The REFRAME project aims at supporting food related SMEs and other stakeholders to develop their skills in order to realize the potential of food production for the region. We aim at establishing training and learning networks and arrange activities to train and coach SMEs and other stakeholders. We also involve educational institutions and high schools in order to integrate short food chains into their curricula.
  2. Regional organization in a cooperative structure 
    The REFRAME project aims at establishing regional cooperative arrangements between regional suppliers and large scale consumers (public and corporate) to provide for a sizable regional B2B food market.

  3. Policy decision taking on urban food policies and intentions 
    The REFRAME project aims at influencing and supporting large scale urban consumers (public and corporate) to prepare and formalise decision making on urban food policies and express intentions for regional sourcing as a basis to cooperate with regional suppliers.

  4. Business innovation through smart specialisation
    The REFRAME project aims at inspiring and helping food related SME's to find, develop and strengthen their offer to better meet the demand from the regional market players.

  5. Create data and understanding of current supply and demand
    The REFRAME project aims at creating opportunities for regional stakeholders to gain insight in current volumes and quality of regional food supply and urban demand and understand the (mis)matches between both.

  6. Regional food for environment, climate and health
    The REFRAME project supports regional stakeholders with data, best-practices and policies how to meet the changing consumer and citizen demand: regional food with a positive environmental, climate and health impact.


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10 July 2019

72 percent of the respondents deliberately choose Swedish in the grocery store. Which is an increase of six percentage points from the corresponding s…

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Reframe Fifth Report

01 July 2019

A vibrant regional food economy, a good match between urban demand and regional supply, innovative SMEs and engaging urban consumers: those are the go…

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Skålldals Lilla Ekomejeri – the advantages of diversifying your business

30 April 2019

In recent years, there has been considerable variation in the price of milk for Sweden's dairy farmers. Many dairy farmers have chosen to shut down th…

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'The REFRAME perspective': compliance with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

28 April 2019

n 2015 the United Nations agreed upon a global vision defining a set of 17 sustainability development goals. Development initiatives globally should b…

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Iconic food production – branding of local communities

03 April 2019

Iconic food production is a production that in market perception is linked to a location. European Mediterranean countries have a very strong traditio…

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