Prowad Link publishes video portrait of Westerås farm

22 January 2021 - Published by Annika Bostelmann
How do entrepreneurs in our regions live in and with a protected nature area? How do they integrate nature into their business concept? Prowad Link wanted to know and set out to provide a voice and platform in the frame of an inspiring video series “Prowad Link asks. SMEs answer.”

Located in Geiranger, Norway, Westerås farm is an idyllic farmyard with written history back to 1603. It is family owned and run and a combination of farm and tourism business. Special for Westerås is their job to take care of the landscape, the cultural heritage and with it also natural ecosystems. The family takes pride in their role of protecting and preserving the natural landscape and the cultural heritage.


The video is the first of a second set of videos within a series that Prowad Link started during the first lockdown in Spring 2020 to portrait best practices in the project’s pilot regions Wadden Sea World Heritage, the English Wash/ North Norfolk Coast and the West Norwegian Fjords World Heritage. Next to the video series the project partners are also working on the a booklet introducing cases of sustainable businesses, which will be released soon on the project’s website.
The video was filmed in the framework of Interreg project PROWAD LINK. Linking sustainable growth with nature protection – this is the objective 14 partners from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom set out to do, when the 3-year Interreg project PROWAD LINK kicked off in 2018.