White paper published on North Sea Sustainable Innovation Challenge

12 December 2022 - Published by Annika Bostelmann
To encourage local participation and engagement in sustainable development in the North Sea region, in February 2022 PROWAD Link launched the North Sea Sustainable Innovation Challenge (NSSIC) under the direction of University of Groningen - Campus Fryslân.

The overall objective of the NSSIC was to offer a chance to anyone who wanted to contribute  to a happier and healthier North Sea region to submit his/her/their sustainable and innovative ideas. The local development of sustainable entrepreneurship and  tourism were the main objectives of the NSSIC.

A now published white paper outlines all the steps undertaken and the details regarding how the NSSIC was designed, managed, and executed. This includes the timeline, an overview of the internal and external stakeholders involved, and an assessment of  the final outcomes.