North Sea Beer Route gets another round in at second workshop

11 beer breweries, from all five partner countries, took part in the second online workshop aimed at establishing a North Sea Region beer collaboration. A lively and engaged group of beer experts and enthusiasts have agreed to continue working together to create a beer route along the North Sea, from Geiranger in Norway, through the Wadden Sea and across to the Wash in Great Britain.

As is often the case with enthusiastic experts, when you give them the opportunity to work together with a common aim and focus, they not only turn up, but also bring a wealth of knowledge and new ideas to the table. This was certainly the case with the second online workshop for the North Sea Region Beer Route group. After only an hour and a half several working groups concerned with developing a beer route/book concept, common design and logo, collaboration brew and export exchanges were established. Each group has a lead, both from the Prowad Link project team as well as from a brewery, which should ensure continued connection to and support from the breweries themselves.

A simple idea of a beer route across all five nations for visitors turned into to a possible collaboration on a sustainable beer and the focus on connecting the beers to the breweries’ local nature, joint marketing, and possible new export channels. At the breweries own request, a closed Facebook group for the project was established, with the aim of ensuring a more organic flow of communication, especially during the busy high season months. It is hoped that the newly established groups and collation of ideas and suggestions will encourage the rest of the breweries who showed an initial interest to continue with the project.

The next phase of the project will be developed within the individual groups, where the facilitators will set up meetings and agree timelines for their specific remit.