New online exchange platform enhances transboundary cooperation for the Wadden Sea

14 December 2022 - Published by Annika Bostelmann
Cooperating beyond borders gives new impulses and inspiration for home. As a new means to the cooperation of stakeholders in the Wadden Sea area, an online exchange platform has been built.

There, new ideas can be exchanged, developed, and brought to life. Initiatives and projects have a means of representation and a gateway to connect with interested others. The platform also gives access to essential information for stakeholders to get involved with the Wadden Sea. The platform is open for stakeholders of the Wadden Sea area, who want to contribute to the protection of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. Those include public authorities, environmental NGOs, partner networks, visitor centres, the research sector, the sustainable tourism sector, and businesses.

Wadden Sea World Heritage Exchange Platform