Potentials for SMEs related to nocturnal darkness as nature value

10 January 2023 - Published by Harald Marencic

Partners in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom working with interested SMEs have been using the “nature-business-benefit-cycle” concept to develop new, sustainable products and offers. In this context, the project consortium has been investigating, among others, the possibilities offered by the protection and valorization of nocturnal darkness and conducted a “Background analysis on local and transnational potentials for SMEs related to nocturnal darkness as nature value – opportunities for sustainable and mindful tourism approaches

While naturally dark sky night skies play a significant role in supporting the ecosystem, latest trends also show that Dark Sky Tourism can offer unique and sustainable tourism experiences, alongside numerous benefits for local communities. Dark Sky can help tourism and hospitality businesses develop sustainable tourism experiences that can increase the attractiveness of the region also during low season. These offers also have the potential to attract new type of tourists. Moreover, this new and immersive approach to experience nature can boost psychological health and well-being. At the same time, dark sky and astro-tourism is an important supportive tool to increase awareness about light pollution, especially in nature protected areas.       

The analysis gives an overview on the current situation and potential developments of dark sky tourism in the partner regions, taking into account environmental, economic and social aspects of Dark Sky Tourism. General information on Dark Sky Tourism, references to relevant literature and well as inputs directly collected by interviewing SMEs in the five partner regions are included. The background analysis was realized by a group of students from the NHL Stenden University of Applied Science