From weak to strong project result

Below is an example of a weak project result and an example of how it could be improved. Both examples include comments from our project advisors in italics.

Weak project result

Results indicator Target Unit Definition
Participatory approaches used to increase capacity to improve the quality and resilience to climate change of NSR ecosystems outside of immediate project areas by 2035. All North Sea Region Project activities (including up-scaling toolbox) have significantly enhanced the ability of relevant stakeholders outside of the project to reduce negative impact, repair past damage and improve ecosystem quality.

1. Benefit is not adequately identified.

2. Capacity is already captured by Programme result indicator – this does not capture direct benefit of the outputs delivered within the project.

3. The timeframe is not relevant.

All is not a target – all targets must contain a numerical value. All what? North Sea Region is not a unit of measurement – think percentage increase, percentage decrease, etc. The key here is outside of the project  - the definition should indicate how/ why the methodology can be used to reach the result indicator.


Strong project result

Results indicator Target Unit Definition
Increased return on public investment by adopting participatory/ co-governance approaches to management of NSR ecosystems. 20 Percentage increase Demonstrate Cost Benefit Analysis for the % increase in returns for every euro equivalent of public funding on implementing environmental policy. Measure increase in value of ecosystem services, unlock cross sector investment and deliver direct savings.
Demonstrates specifically what the benefit is by adopting participatory/ co-governance approaches. Specific numerical value – the target shows to what degree the project is aiming at delivering change. It is quantifying the benefit. Gives the basis/ unit for how the benefit will be measured. Defines the methodology behind the result indicator. Tells us what the result indicator actually means.