Results in 2014 - 2020

Developing a project for the North Sea Region Programme? Here is all you need to know about project results in the 2014 - 2020 programme period.

Project Advisor Matt Nichols sums up the difference between deliverables, outputs and results.

The programme works with three kinds of indicators. Deliverables tell us what a project is doing month by month. Outputs tell us whether the project has completed its most important products, services or solutions and communicated these effectively. And results quantify the benefit the project has delivered and demonstrates that the project's method worked.

Term Required number  Purpose Answers this question
Deliverables 6 - 8 per work package Monitoring progress Did you do what you planned?
Outputs 5 Monitoring and evaluation Did you deliver on specific objectives and communication?
Results 3 Evaluation Did your ouputs deliver a real benefit?

You can have a maximum of three results. They should be ambitious and realistic and reflect the most important activities in your project.  

Your results:

  • Must quantify the benefit delivered by the project. Delivering a database or having new organisations adopt project results is not a benefit. You need to show how your work saves money, generates growth, improves performance, reduces climate change impact, etc.
  • Need a unit, a baseline, a target and a definition. Without these it is impossible to assess whether you are delivering the promised benefit.
  • Should capture progress within the project life time. For example, if you are piloting carbon reduction technologies, you need to measure the carbon reduction delivered by the pilots by project closure.
  • Are the only indicators you have to write yourself. Projects work with so many different issues that it is impossible for us to come up with a set of standard results.

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