Submission of an 'Expression of interest' or a 'Full application'

All submission of documents to the Joint Secretariat will be done electronically. In other words: gone are the days when Lead Beneficiaries needed to send copies of applications, reports, etc to the Joint Secretariat.

Expression of interest

The submission of an expression of interest is done via the online monitoring system without using the digital signature. As approval of the expression of interest does not trigger any funding and does not constitute an approval of an application as such, submitting the expression of interest can be done by simply using the applicant's login details.

Full application

The submission of a full application is done via the online monitoring system using the digital signature. Please see here for more information on the digital signature and the designation of the Authorised Signatory. The application can be created, worked on and edited using simple login details, however, submission of the form to the Joint Secretariat must be done by the authorised signatory using the digital signature. This guarantees that a legal representative of the Lead Beneficiary has signed the application form, while cancelling the need to send a signed paper version of the application form.

Despite all our efforts to make the entire system paperless, there will still be occurrences when beneficiaries and/or Lead Beneficiairies will need to export, sign and upload given documents to the online monitoring system. These are happily few and far between, and typically relate to documents requesting a physical signature. At application stage, there are two types of documents that will require an upload of a signed and scanned version:

  • Letters of intent: these will be sent electronically to all beneficiaries by the Lead beneficiary, with the instruction to export them on letterhead paper, sign them and return a scanned copy to the Lead Beneficiary. For more information see Fact Sheet 20: Letter of Intent

  • Self-declaration: some beneficiaries will need to fill out a self-declaration in relation to State Aid. Here again, the lead beneficiary will send this form electronically to the beneficiary/ies in question, with instruction to export it on letterhead paper, sign it, and send a scanned copy back to the Lead Beneficiary. For more information on state aid see Fact Sheet 16: State Aid